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The Swedish neuropsychological society (SNPF)’s National Conference in Lund

07.02.2024 - 09.02.2024

The Swedish neuropsychological society (SNPF) would like to invite you and your national colleagues to attend our yearly National Conference in Lund, February 8-9. More information below an on the website


The theme ”Back and Forth – from the cerebellum to the prefrontal cortex” takes its starting point in two brain structures of significant importance for executive function – the prefrontal cortex and the perhaps somewhat overlooked cerebellum. The lectures will cover everything from the unique contributions of the cerebellum to cognition and emotion to new ways of understanding and measuring executive function. The program will include theoretical elements along with a clinical focus directed towards patient groups across the lifespan, relevant to psychiatry, cognitive disorders, acquired brain injuries, and more.


Time and Place: Lund, February 8-9 (pre-conference on February 7).


In addition to the usual lecture program featuring Swedish and international speakers, you have the opportunity, at an extra cost, to participate in two workshops on February 7 with Kate Rankin (on-site) and Dean C. Delis (online).


The preliminary program is available on the conference’s website: Here, you can also register for the conference. Last date for Early bird-registration to a reduced cost is November 30.


Keep an eye on our website, the Swedish Neuropsychologists Association The website will be regularly updated with more information about our speakers and exhibitors. The organizing team looks forward to welcoming you to Lund in February 2024!




The Swedish neuropsychological society (SNPF)